Pilot Fatigue Rules in Canada

For over a decade, the Canadian Government had been working on updating outdated regulations regarding pilot duty and rest requirements. Canada sat far behind most industrial countries regarding science-based rules to protect against fatigue. Canada's aviation environment is diverse, and significant regulation changes are complex. On December 12, 2018, the government published the final version of changes to the Aeronautics Act related to changes to pilot duty regulations in Canada Gazette Part II Volume 152.

On this site, you can browse the changes to the regulations as published on December 12, 2018. Each change shows the relevant old and new versions, a link to the current CARs and explanation of changes. Most changes have been included, but as this site is from the perspective of a pilot, some administrative items have been omitted as they don't relate to pilots.

Note, the regulations come into force at different times. Read more here.


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