"acclimatize" Explained

"Acclimatize" is a new term in the CARs. It is defined in 700.01 as: "describes a flight crew member whose biorhythm is aligned with local time."

This is important because many or the regulations reference the time zone a crew member is acclimatized to. For example, under the new regulations a crew members start time of flight duty period is based on a crew member's acclimatized time zone, not the time zone they are currently located. So, if a crew member is acclimatized to Vancouver (Pacific Time Zone) and is starting their flight duty period in Halifax (Atlantic Time Zone) at 08:15, that actual start time is 04:15. This will significantly reduce a crew member's maximum flight duty period.

The question is, how long does it take to acclimatize? Well, 700.28(5) brakes this down. For time zones up to four hours different, 72 hours of rest. For time zones four or more hours different, 96 hours of rest. Alternatively, a crew can rest for 24 hours per each time zone difference.

Unfortunately acclimatization is not mentioned for medevac and 702 operations.


700.01 - interpretation

700.28 (5) Maximum Flight Duty Period - Acclimatization